The Perfect

The acknowledged leader of Tira Langa


ThePerfect.jpg Usually dress in the finest clothing from far away lands The Perfect is known in the south for mixing various styles to create her own fashion. In turn this sets the new standard for the elite of a large part of the south. Her slightly taller than average height and slight build make her the perfect model for almost any type of clothing and she looks ravishing in both dresses and pant/shirt combinations. Her black hair with naturally brown highlights only add to her beauty. As does her general manner that exudes an easy authority that most leaders would kill to have.

At all times that she is not performing a public ceremony she wears a comfortable version of the clothing that has caught her fancy. At public ceremonies, her hair is always worn up in the triple jeweled crown made of orichalcum. In addition she carries a short sword also made of orichalcum with a single chrysoberyl gem embedded half way up the blade, the work of a bygone age.


Very clearly a woman in charge of her domain. Of course her domain is one of the most powerful cities in the southern reaches, Tira Langa. As both a council member and controlling the hereditary post of The Perfect, she wields as much power in the city as the city does on the surrounding trade routes. With the city’s oasis and therefore abundant water she has managed to turn around a much damaged city by trading fairly with her neighbors.

She is known within the city as a fair ruler and as the leader that turned the disastrous rule of her father around upon his mysterious death.

The Perfect

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